Making a difference in all you do is very important. As a coach, you need to do something that others have not done or are not doing for you to be the best. Doing things different attracts more clients to you, meaning more cash. Do not just focus on the certificate, want to learn the skill that makes you different. This article will give you tips to making a difference as relationship coach

Being a different coach

Training and education are key

rettydfYou can never be a coach with a difference if you lack the required education and training. Attend the right schools not necessarily the very expensive, the main thing is getting an education from whatever school you choose. Again attend training sessions or classes because it is very important for your career. As a coach, learning will never stop.

A friendship relationship helps a lot in coaching

When clients learn that you can be easy, they will open up to you. Do this wisely such that it will not cross the professional boundaries. It makes work easy for you because they will start telling you issues more openly because they see you as a friend.

Let your clients understand that a healthy relationship is a skill

It is something that spouses work for. It never just finds its way in their home. If need be, let them seek help without feeling intimidated or ashamed because it is the right thing to do. They should not be judged or ridiculed for trying to make their relationship work.

Teach your clients the rule of not taking a relationship as a competition

It is the start of a big fall. When a problem arises, they should not try to bring each other down or make them guilty. It does not help at all. If they all struggle to be on the right side, the problem will never be solved, and the relationship will never be happy. Somebody should be wrong as the other is right.


From day to day your clients needs to be empowered. There should be a difference between yesterday and today. All this comes from honesty. Telling the client the truth about their relationship does them a very big favor. They need to know what can be changed, fixed and what cannot be. This way they will work towards the right direction. You will realize a happy client once you start being honest with them.