Being in a relationship with a lady or man who cares and wishes always to be with you feels amazingly wonderful. This is because when things in your life go as not expected you always have a shoulder to lean on and someone to wipe away your tears, they will raise your spirits and give you a reason to move on. Apart from all these good things, relationships come with hardships. Sometimes you never see any reason to be with that partner of yours anymore. Sometimes you argue too much that each of you feels like it cannot work anymore and these leads to a breakup. Good relationships do not just come by; people work hard to make them as amazing as you see them.

Makeup after a breakup

Distance creates fondness

324rweMakeup always comes with very strong sparks. The distance is among the top reasons that cause the sparks. You will notice that when meeting your boyfriend or girlfriend to make up the temperatures are so high, and the heart beats a bit first. A good relationship should involve giving your partner some space to reflect and even unwind. Being alone makes you realize your mistakes and gives the energy to carry on with your relationship after you resume. The energy is not on the physical aspect alone but also emotionally, maybe your partner said or did something that broke your heart, emotionally you need the energy to forgive and carry on. Giving each other time works wonders on these. After makeup, therefore, all sparks and energy required to move on and propel your relationship are available.

The risk of losing

It is always said that you never know the worth of something until you lose it. A break up can be the solution to your relationship especially if your partner is taking you for granted. That period you are away will make them realize your worth and the big role you played in their life. This creates fear of losing you and might bring them back to senses, come back to you with apology and flowers ready to do what you wanted. They will be ready to do everything to show how important you are and convince you not to leave. If your partner distances themselves from you and does not seem to realize their mistake, then this is again a good sign for you to move on to another relationship were you are valued and wanted. A breakup, therefore, brings together too lovebirds willing to do all it takes to make their relationship work because they cannot stand losing their partner.


ewrtsdA makeup brings a sense of surety. If one decides to come back to your life, then this reveals some surety. This shows that after thinking and considering all options this person decided to come back to you and not moving on with someone else. This surety brings a great feeling of trust and a genuine care for the relationship. Your boyfriend or girlfriend can only show that beyond doubts they want you in their life if they pursue and beg you to come back to them after a breakup. Who does not want to feel wanted and needed? This “please do not go” talk brings a feeling of belonging too. It is a product of makeup. If feels so nice learning that your partner wants you in his or her life and they do not want to make any step without you.…